He Will Come Back A Better Man!

On November 30, 1918  the U.S. Military Committee on Public Information (CPI) advertisement's entitled, “He Will Come Back a Better Man” ran in Collier's magazine.  Although the CPI's formal activities towards promoting the war through propaganda had been stopped about two weeks prior to this magazine's release,  the message was still published for the world to see.  

This is but one example of government use of propaganda during this time period.  The United States, Great Britain and German governments all used various forms of propaganda to gain the support of their citizens during the war.   It is important to study and understand how this technique is used in times of national crisis. 

The Content Summary section will provide background information for teachers and students to familiarize themselves with the factors that led to World War I, and America's involvement.  All of the materials necessary to teach the lesson are availble on the Materials page.  The Primary Sources section will provide an example  of propaganda from the United States, Great Britain and Germany.  The Lesson Plan section has a detailed lesson plan with culminating activities and a rubric for ready-made use in the high school classroom.  Additional internet resources  can be found by clicking on the Additional web sites link.